Updated Light Backpacking for Travel & Work ?>

Updated Light Backpacking for Travel & Work

After two months in on my working/backpacking adventure, my gear has changed slightly. I’ve also included all the items in this photo vs my original post. Quite literally, this is everything I carry with the exception of one pair of boxers and the Canon 550D I sold. That right, I’m petty much naked for this photo. Good thing it wasn’t selfie. The biggest change is swapping out my Canon 550D with an Olympus E-PL3. More on that can be read…

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What Camera for Backpacking? ?>

What Camera for Backpacking?

One of many tools I carry constantly, whether traveling or working, is a camera. My very first “good” camera was an Olympus SP-500UZ with 6 megapixels. In today’s world that is nothing that impressive, though like any camera it comes down to your intended use, knowledge how to use and get the photo you want. On the left is a photo taken with my SP-500UZ. I had 3 studio lights as well. That photo was for a client and got the desired…

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DS1 – Lighting Upgrade ?>

DS1 – Lighting Upgrade

Stock lighting on the XL500R was dismal to say the least. With only having a few watts to work with from the stator, not much light was produced. Riding along dark roads made it apparent how little the beam projected ahead. Digging around my pile of parts, I grab a Hella Rallye 4000 lamp. Initially the light had a 100 watt bulb.  That by far exceeded the stators output capacity. I looked into the possibility of upgrading the stator, though…

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DS1 – Gear Storage ?>

DS1 – Gear Storage

With the purchase of my first dual sport comes the inevitable upgrades. The goal of loading more shit onto your bike that it probably can handle for most. Thought, having become more of a minimalist, I want to try to keep gear, as the term suggest, to a minimum. For the first few weeks I had the bike nothing really happened. All I did was get some new riding gear; helmet, jacket and water resistant backpack. Then a few weeks…

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Overland Expo East 2014 ?>

Overland Expo East 2014

Back in 2014 I rode my 1982 Honda XL500R from California to West Virginia. While I was out I decided to take a trip to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the Overland Expo East. It was kind of last minute, though I hadn’t been to an expo in a couple years and figured since it was sort of close I should make it. Packing up my bike I hit the road 280 miles south. Back on the road again was…

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HBDA-T2: Final Construction ?>

HBDA-T2: Final Construction

With the lifts working properly we finished skinning the exterior and installed the windows. The door was trimmed with 2 inch wide aluminum strips for an outside edge for the weather stripping. The split between the doors has weather stripping as well. Final adjustments on the latch catch are made. All the edges then got trim. Attached with 3M VHB tape. This took a few days. The final results were awesome. One thing that wasn’t finished on time was the…

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HBDA-T2: Body Skin, Door & Electric Lift ?>

HBDA-T2: Body Skin, Door & Electric Lift

The body skeleton is reattached and floor set in place. Then its onto finishing the skin. The upper portion gets skins cut to fit. More cutting sheets of aluminum to fit then attaching using 3M’s VHB tape. Between installing the skin I start working on the doors and latch. The two doors allow access when the lid is up or down. Inside view of latch and door jam. Doors get skinned once latch, door jam and seals are in place….

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