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An Unknown Path ?>

An Unknown Path

The dull repetition experienced daily can propel one to seek answers. Questions can be jarring and quite disconcerting. My career, relationships and life in general often left me feeling empty. Why is this? Am I not doing life right? I followed my passion for a long time only to be disrupted time and time again. Not knowing why, I pressed on in different directions, only to hit new road blocks. All too quickly, years passed as I sat yearning to…

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Temple in Bangkok ?>

Temple in Bangkok

I arrived to Bankok at 6 am from the overnight train. The first thing I did once I got to the station was to find some food and internet to find a hostel. Yes, this was a spur of the moment trip up to Bangkok. Later I found out I wasn’t in the right part of Phuket and was why it seemed a little boring. I found a place for the night and crashed for a bit. Once rested up I headed…

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Overnight Train to Bangkok ?>

Overnight Train to Bangkok

After my few days in Phuket and Phi Phi Island I decided to head up to Bangkok by train. But to get there I went for a 30 minute ride dodging traffic on a motorcycle taxi. Then I took a 6 hour buss ride to arrive at Surat Thani railway station to catch the Northbound train. Next I waited, then waited some more. The train runs on a pretty regular schedule coming from the Malaysian border, though departed in the afternoon. The…

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Phuket to Phi Phi Island ?>

Phuket to Phi Phi Island

Arriving in Thailand at 2 am with the usual madness of customs, was amplified by a slight cold with sleep deprivation. I’ve always been a morning person. Yes, I’m the guy that wakes up a 6 am, without an alarm. So, late nights really mess me up. Strange new places and new people trying to get my attention. “Taxi sir?” Was repeated more times than I can count. Normally I would just walk away from an airport to get a ride. But,…

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Updated Light Backpacking for Travel & Work ?>

Updated Light Backpacking for Travel & Work

After two months in on my working/backpacking adventure, my gear has changed slightly. I’ve also included all the items in this photo vs my original post. Quite literally, this is everything I carry with the exception of one pair of boxers and the Canon 550D I sold. That right, I’m petty much naked for this photo. Good thing it wasn’t selfie. The biggest change is swapping out my Canon 550D with an Olympus E-PL3. More on that can be read…

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What Camera for Backpacking? ?>

What Camera for Backpacking?

One of many tools I carry constantly, whether traveling or working, is a camera. My very first “good” camera was an Olympus SP-500UZ with 6 megapixels. In today’s world that is nothing that impressive, though like any camera it comes down to your intended use, knowledge how to use and get the photo you want. On the left is a photo taken with my SP-500UZ. I had 3 studio lights as well. That photo was for a client and got the desired…

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DS1 – Lighting Upgrade ?>

DS1 – Lighting Upgrade

Stock lighting on the XL500R was dismal to say the least. With only having a few watts to work with from the stator, not much light was produced. Riding along dark roads made it apparent how little the beam projected ahead. Digging around my pile of parts, I grab a Hella Rallye 4000 lamp. Initially the light had a 100 watt bulb.  That by far exceeded the stators output capacity. I looked into the possibility of upgrading the stator, though…

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