SEMA 2010

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Made it to Vegas for the SEMA Show. Tons of stuff to look at. Spend a couple days looking around at all the new products. Also made it over to the AAPEX show, which is part of the whole event and usually passed over by the automotive media. Non the less a good show. Moral this year seemed to much better than last year as manufacturers are hopeful for better business.

A couple highlights for myself was a Mythbusters car and the American Top Gear guys. The Mythbusters car was a Porsche cut apart and rebuilt to drive in reverse. Myth airs Nov 17th, 2010. Though I’m leery of how the new American Top Gear will fair, I’m excited to see it anyhow. The 3 guys took people for rides in taxis. Well, not normal taxis. A Ferrari and a Rolls Royce were two that I had seen. The rides may even end up on the show.