7 Years After a 22,000 Mile Adventure

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This month marks 7 years after my biggest adventure to date, an overland journey from my home in Gilbert, Arizona to all four corners of the United States and Canada. The adventure spanned 10 weeks and 22,000 miles in my 2001 Ford Ranger. Quite ironically a friend (Jim of BackcountryVehicles.com) is currently on his own North American trip. Since I’m currently grounded, I want to reshare and relive the adventure. Day by day I’ll be posing stories from my notes from 7 years prior. First on the agenda, vehicle build and preparation.

On July 29th 2007 I departed on a ten week expedition crossing the continent of North America in my purpose build overland expedition vehicle.  Setting off from my Arizonian home, I crossed the American Heartland, through the Ozark Mountains then down to tropical Key West.  From there I pushed Northward to Nova Scotia along the bustling cities of the Atlantic coast.  A traditional Newfoundland dinner and a ferry ride later, I turned back to the west destined for Colorado.  Through the beautiful Rocky Mountains to Utah then following the range north into Montana.  The first snow storms presented themselves early on my way to Glacier National Park.  Pressing further on brought me into Canada once more, this time in the Western provinces.  Through the snow covered Coastal Mountains of British Columbia and Yukon I continued toward Alaska.  Taking a final plunge north to Prudhoe Bay, I take on the Dalton Highway, four-hundred and fourteen miles of mostly gravel roads into the Arctic before returning home.