BCV: Whitewater Rafting Bucket List

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Today I checked off one of the items that has been on my bucket list for at least a decade: whitewater rafting! When we arrived in Clearwater, British Columbia there were whitewater rafting ads on every corner. Since I had told Jim I wanted to whitewater raft during this trip, I decided this was the time. Plus the Clearwater River is so beautiful. It is part of the tributaries of the Fraser Water System and we had been parallel to it for miles before reaching Clearwater. Parenthetically, one can not escape seeing water in this area of Canada. It is EVERYWHERE!

I wasn’t sure what to expect and asked a lot of questions as we were registering for the trip. When it was time to sign the waiver, I had to force myself not to comprehend the words I read: Whitewater rafting is dangerous and the said company is not responsible for injury or death, etc. I am not a strong swimmer under the best of circumstances and didn’t think I would last two seconds in the snow-melted, frigid rapids of the river.

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