BCV: Eating Wild

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After visiting what is considered Southeast Alaska (Hyder, Haines and Juneau are in southeast Alaska), we reached the interior of Alaska. Our first stop was the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge.  Their brochure says it best,  Tetlin “is a dynamic landscape of forests, wetlands, tundra, lakes, mountains, and glacial rivers bounded by the snowy peaks of the Alaska Range”. lakeOur first evening there we walked to Deadman’s Lake and watched for moose and enjoyed the sunset as it reflected off the water.

On our second day,  we discovered that we were surrounded by wild berries and went on a berry picking quest. Unlike national parks, wildlife refuges encourage visitors to enjoy the bounty of the forest; therefore, berry picking is not only allowed, but encouraged. We searched for but couldn’t find enough of the ever elusive strawberries. They are tiny, but have very potent flavor to compensate for their small size. The second most difficult to find is the salmonberry, which is a berry previously unknown to me.  There are also crowberries , cranberries, and most abundant, wild blueberries there.

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 Strawberry     salmonberry