BCV: Fairbanks

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Multiple days were spent in the city of Fairbanks because it was the preparation point for the trip to Purdhoe Bay and the recuperation location upon returning from Purdhoe Bay.  The weather was great; 80 degrees, no rain and lots of sunshine the entire time after our return from Purdhoe Bay!  While there, we attended the Denakkanaaga and Tanana Chiefs Conference Cultural Program where we received information about the culture of Alaskan tribes through music, storytelling in native languages (translated for the audience) and dance. It was informative and entertaining. I especially liked dancing with the performers when the audience was invited to the stage.

tribe distributionMap of Historical Tribe Distribution in Alaska

performers            Native Dancers

Chena Hot Springs was summoning me so Jim and I went to the Chena Hot Springs Resort and in addition to spending time in the soothing hot springs Rock Lake and getting a waterfall massage (aah), we visited the Ice Museum. The sculptures were amazing. We decided to forgo renting a suite in the ice museum for $600 per night, though. Sleeping on an ice bed inside an ice building did not appeal to me, notwithstanding the fur bedding they promised to provide.



ice bar The building was equipped with an ice bar and ice stools!

martini glass

Appletini served in an ice glass, anyone?

The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum is located in Fairbanks and is a must see for any car enthusiast or anyone that can appreciate excellent restorative workmanship. I thought electric cars were a recent phenomenon but learned that the first electric car was manufactured in the early 1900s. I was also amazed at how LARGE some the early automobiles were, and I thought the cars in the 1970s were boats on wheels!


c4     c2

I did find a couple of sporty little cars hiding here and there!


Jim always says he was born later then he should have been.