BCV: Maintenance and Repairs

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So you think good preparation saves you from working on your rig while on the road? Here’s what’s happened so far. (Some of the following is routine maintenance)

Chadron Nebraska – Hitch was bending and cracking. – Replaced hitch.

DSC_0420     DSC_0422

Chewelah WA – Luckily my friend Peter had a compressor, impact gun, floor jack, some basic woodworking tools, scrap wood, and a place for me to work.

While we were there, I rotated the truck tires, changed the oil and oil filter, changed the air filter and checked the other fluids. (more on the fluids later)

For the trailer, I had to reinforce some supports on the closet shelves. (Pamala overloaded the shelves. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

I also noticed some bad cupping and uneven wear on the trailer tires and decided to replace them. The tires were original on the trailer and had 25,000+ miles on them. Most of the bad wear was on the inside halves of the tires. This tells me two things:

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