BCV: Yukon

Posted on Posted in BCV: Alaska 2014

The road conditions on the Cassiar Highway were never good, but as we traveled toward Yukon, the road conditions deteriorated further. The frost heaves made driving feel like like you were in an airplane experiencing turbulence, and the lack of any markings made it hard to anticipate the abnormalities. The last fifty or so miles of this road were abysmal! Shortly after entering Yukon, we joined the Alaska Highway and the road conditions improved drastically, allowing us to relax and watch for animals instead of the sorry excuse for a road. I’ve been on lots of dirt roads that were better!

We are traveling later into the evening than we did when we first began this trip. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour is difficult because it remains light for well over 16 hours here. We find ourselves taking sunset, bridge and rainbow pictures late into the evening. Due to the late sunset, our circadian rhythm is off and we often sleep until noon.

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