Search for East Coast Trails

Posted on Posted in North America Expedition 2007

Just over the border into New Jersey I stopped to update the maps on the Lowrance GPS. While stationary I heard yelling. Turing to the driver’s window I see a man staring in. Where he came from I’m not too sure. He asked if I was broke down and needed a hand. I laughed, “No just stopped for a second.” The inquisition begins as to the meaning of the truck. After I explain he tells me that there are a few trails around the East Coast, but you just have to know where they are. Staring at my maps I eventually did find a few.

Later during the day I passed a truck with a cute chick riding shotgun. Not unusual around the beach areas. What was unusual is she passed me to wave and say hi. I’ve always thought explorers had a chick pulling ability and this was proof. Too bad for me, no skills.