Overlander’s First Aid Kit

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I created a medical first aid/survival kit a few years ago initial for myself, though slowly modified it over time. At one point I had a group contact me a to assemble a first aid kit that would be compact, but contained necessary items based on my travel experience. I called a few people I knew in the medical field for additional advice and found some wholesalers that would allow small order quantities for supplies. The result turned out nicely. I also tossed in some basic survival gear. All said and done the kits ended up costing $120 each. While assembling the kits I made a one for myself and for a few for other friends/people that were interested. In my personal kit I carry some allergy medication and cold medication. (Note: I didn’t have the fire starters when I took the photo.)

The case I used is a Voodoo Tactical bag with molle straps. With it being a soft case you can stuff it in a corner easier than a hard case. The four straps on the back allow to attaching to something like a vehicle’s roll bar or a persons belt. I put all the contents in plastic bags in so if the kit got wet, the items wouldn’t. Below is the full list of contents.




– Voodoo Tactical MOLLE Utility Pouch
– Measures 8.5″ Wide x 4.5″ Tall and is 3.5″ Deep

Survival Gear

– Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife
– Brunton Fire Starter
– Brunton Micro Compass
– Emergency Mylar / Space Blanket
– Coghlan’s Survival Signal Mirror

First Aid

– Scalpel Blades (2)
– Tweezers
– EMT Scissors
– Hemostatic Forceps
– Vinyl Gloves (2 Pair) (Replaced with Nitrile Gloves in my current kit)
– Surgical Tape Roll
– Safety Pins (6)
– 5″x9″ Abdominal Pad (1)
– 4”x4” Dressing Sponges (4)
– 2”x2” Dressing Sponges (3)
– Cotton Balls (4)
– 1″x3″ Non-Latex Adhesive Bandage (20)
– Butterfly Strips (5)
– 2 1/4”x3yds Conforming Bandage (1)
– 2”x5yds Elastic Bandage (1)
– Triangle Bandage (1)
– Providone-Iodine Prep Pad (6)
– Alcohol Prep Pad (6)
– Sting Relief Pads (6)
– Burn Gel (1)
– Pain Reliever Tablets (2 Packs, 4 pills total)
– Antiseptic BZK wipes (6)
– Ammonia Inhalant (2)