Damage & Repairs In Baja

Posted on Posted in Baja California 2009


Rolling off the couch, I get up and search for food. Nothing was in the house. I scrounged some pesos together from my shoe and headed across the street to the market and picked up some cinnamon rolls. When I returned Raul was awake. We waited around all day for a call. He was waiting for the check to be signed. The call finally came. Back down to town hall for more paperwork. Still no check for Raul, more waiting as it needs to get approved by the right official. Back at the apartment we wait for another call, the mechanic in La Paz. Around 3 pm the call came, my truck was finished, but would cost more. That figures. Raul and I decided to stop at a part shop to get some pricing to dispute the potential battle getting my truck back. Maurice showed back up and all three of us head back to La Paz.

After we arrived at the mechanic’s shop I see the reason for the higher cost. The damage was bad and destroyed most of the components. The mechanic used mostly junk yard parts instead of buy new. So, he tried to save me money. My budget for the rest of the trip now went to the repairs. We talked for a bit and exchanged info. I then thanked everyone for their help and headed for home. From 6 pm when I left I made it back to Bahia de Concepcion.

On my way North I was stopped at the Baja California Sur border for not having my tourist permit. I was directed to a small building and paid for a permit then was allowed to continue north. The rest of the trip was nothing more than highway driving. After the breaking down I got in the mindset of hurry to get home. Which is the last thing you need to do in a situation like that. Stop and think. As a result I wore myself out from marathon driving back home. The day after I picked up the Explorer I left Bahia de Concepcion and made it to San Diego in the early morning. Then I headed back to Phoenix.

Overall I still had a good trip. Breaking down was a good lesson that when things do go wrong its really not that devastating. Our minds usually amplify the issue more that it really is. Best to take is slow. With only having the Explorer for a little while I should of spent more time examining the truck instead of blindly trusting it. I’ve owned my Ranger for a long time and have trust in its abilities. Not so much on the Explorer.