MX2: The Original Concept

Posted on Posted in MX2: 2001 Ford Ranger

Back in 2008 I had a crazy idea to cut my truck in half and expand it. Lessons learned from my North America Expedition taught me that more in cab space would be useful. That and I wanted to do something a bit different.

First things first, removing the old camper shell. It served its function well, but its time to move on. I’ve crawled through the cab into the camper one to many times and have broken a few interior parts while climbing through. With a few big trips now under my belt I can see new ways to make things much easier as well, especially in gear storage. The photo above is a rough concept for the new cage to fit on the bed. The new “cage” concept, for lack of better words, will have a low profile and will contain many storage compartments.

To solve my problem of crawling through windows I’m planning to toss on an roof top tent, but not in an ordinary fashion. The tent will be mounted on sliders level with the truck’s bed inside the cage. When I’m ready to camp I can slide out the tent. Once pulled out on the passenger side, the tent will unfold as usual. My idea is to keep the tent lower to the ground while maximizing space above the tent when stashed away.

Storage areas will consist of:
– An upper rack, over the roof top tent,
– Large enclosed box for tools and parts just behind the cab
– Rolling storage boxes under the “cage” accessible from the tailgate

Another idea I’m playing around with is to have a canvas cover made to hide everything inside.