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Just a quick update ?>

Just a quick update

For the few people that still follow my travels, I figured I’d post up an update since not much has really be going on and I’ve stopped posting all together. In a sense I have disappeared from the internet and forums. I’ve been in Hong Kong since September 2015 and its now February 2017. So, fairly good stretch living here and I plan to be here for much longer. Safari Pacific, as it is, has pretty much been stagnant for a few years and I haven’t really been doing any hands on vehicle builds or driving trips. Currently I work for a company in Hong Kong and its been a nice change of pace for me. While I’m living on this side of the world I’d like to visit some places close by, but I have no plans and will just see how things go. I was approved for a 10 year China visa and have crossed over the border to Shenzhen a few times. So, for now, I won’t be posting on SafariPacific so I can focus on other projects. I will keep the site as it is online. The only posting I really do anymore is random things on my personal Instagram (instagram.com/shanhq) and will be starting a personal blog at shanhq.com. Feel free to¬†follow me there.

Thanks for everyone who followed along in my ramblings, builds and other random bits!

Signing off,

Update: 2017-06-08

So I’ve gone through and reset the SafariPacific site back to the original logo, theme and vehicle build content. Moved all my backpacking trips and other randomness to shanhq.com. Going to keep SP for my vehicle builds only, since that’s what its known for.