About Safari Pacific

Safari Pacific is lifestyle design. We design and build vehicles, trailers and cabins for back country exploration and self sustainable living. We strive to innovate and simplify life so you can spend more time enjoying what the world offers. Our approach is focused on minimalism to maximize space and functionality of every component.


Travis Schanafelt

Travis is a designer, builder, traveler and the founder of Safari Pacific. He is the creative insight for all the design and build work done at Safari Pacific.

In his travels, he departed on a solo journey through North America covering over 22,000 miles in ten weeks. Later expeditions found him crossing the Baja Peninsula, getting lost in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico and exploring a portion of the Andes Mountains in Colombia with local explorers. In 2014 Travis rode a 1982 Honda XL500R from the West coast to the East coast USA. Travis is currently operating as a digital nomad in Asia.

Travis also does freelance web services Schanaco.