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Just a quick update ?>

Just a quick update

For the few people that still follow my travels, I figured I’d post up an update since not much has really be going on and I’ve stopped posting all together. In a sense I have disappeared from the internet and forums. I’ve been in Hong Kong since September 2015 and its now February 2017. So, fairly good stretch living here and I plan to be here for much longer. Safari Pacific, as it is, has pretty much been stagnant for…

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DS1 – Lighting Upgrade ?>

DS1 – Lighting Upgrade

Stock lighting on the XL500R was dismal to say the least. With only having a few watts to work with from the stator, not much light was produced. Riding along dark roads made it apparent how little the beam projected ahead. Digging around my pile of parts, I grab a Hella Rallye 4000 lamp. Initially the light had a 100 watt bulb. ┬áThat by far exceeded the stators output capacity. I looked into the possibility of upgrading the stator, though…

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