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Return from the Dalton Highway ?>

Return from the Dalton Highway

Winds blasted the truck, shaking it all over during my rest. Eight o’clock and wide awake. So much for sleep. I make a few calls to family and friends to let them know of my arrival. I’m surprised there was cell service up here. After my “I made it” calls I headed back down. Windy conditions broke just outside Deadhorse. Caribou grased along side the road under the crystal clear skys. Out of the blue a low lying fog quickly…

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The Dalton Highway ?>

The Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway… Four hundred and fourteen miles of mostly dirt roads. This was my main goal in Alaska, to drive as far north as possible on dirt. Sitting in Fairbanks I stuff every possible drop of fuel into the tanks for the long haul. Here I go. The drive north was awesome! Beautiful scenery, miles and miles of it. Sunlight shined down for quite a while. This threw me off a little. Not realizing the time I continued late…

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BCV: To Chicken and Beyond… ?>

BCV: To Chicken and Beyond…

After the the repairs in Glennallen were complete, we were anxious to hit the road again, partly because signs of autumn were appearing and partly because our time in Alaska was coming to a close. Alaska had always been sort of the “primary goal” of the trip, and everything there and back would be “icing on the cake”. So it was time to move on to the next chapter of the trip.      We very much enjoyed our trip through British…

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