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MX5: Disco Gets Some New Shoes ?>

MX5: Disco Gets Some New Shoes

When the vehicle was purchased it came with a mismatched set of over sized tires. They did look good and only rubbed a little. All the tires were 265/70 R16’s and were dry rotted on the tread surface. So new tires were in order. A used set was purchased from a used tire shop. They all matched, had decent tread left and would get the Disco down the road for a few weeks. The down side was the only size…

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Monument Valley ?>

Monument Valley

Smart decisions are not always made when traveling. After deliberating for a couple of hours, Tim and I decided to visit Monument Valley as neither of us had previously been there. Just one catch, it was 9 o-clock Friday evening. Not being a stranger to driving twelve hours strait, I had no preconceived notions that already being awake all day would wear me down. After packing the sleeping gear and tossing on thermal underwear we headed out. Mesa to Flagstaff…

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Moto through New Mexico ?>

Moto through New Mexico

Today I slept in. No, not to be lazy. I wanted to wait till the sun came out and pack everything up dry. Around 7 am I finally got up and started breaking down camp. I laid everything out on a semi-dry picnic bench in my camp spot. While packing up another camper came over. He was asking if I was doing a long or short trip. I told him I was headed to West Virginia currently, but possibly further if I can…

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Moto Into the AZ Mountains ?>

Moto Into the AZ Mountains

When I woke yesterday morning I felt the long ride from yesterday. My legs were stiff. Overall it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was way more sore when I was part of a team on the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo mountain bike race. That I will say kicked my ass. The ride from Temecula, CA to Mesa, AZ was tiring, but not bad at all. Even on a 31 year old bike. Most of my…

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Moto Crossing CA to AZ ?>

Moto Crossing CA to AZ

Unable to sleep most of the night I ended up getting going later that I wanted. I hit the road around 7 am and hit the highway around 7:30 am. It was a surprisingly cold morning, which was nice knowing I would be crossing the desert soon. From Beaumont, CA I took interstate 10 East through Palm Springs and into the barren land of nothing. The trip to Blythe was fairly easy and I didn’t get tired like I thought….

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