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BCV: Flat-Landers ?>

BCV: Flat-Landers

Remaining fit during our travels was a top priority. It was a hassle to make room for our bikes, but we did because they were an integral part of our fitness regime. Because space is a premium when rv’ing, I forfeited my weights and packed exercise tubing instead. I also had a list of exercises that required only body weight for resistance. Running shoes and other fitness apparel were also packed. Well, let me tell you. Our commitment to fitness…

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BCV: All Aboard! ?>

BCV: All Aboard!

As we worked our way south through Colorado toward our cabin in New Mexico, I was thinking about detouring over to Durango to ride the Durango & Silvertion narrow gauge railroad. Rather than go that far out of our way, I decided to settle for the Cumbres & Toltec railroad from Antonito, CO to Chama, NM, which was on our route. When I mentioned the train ride, Pamala’s response was “And you want to do this why?”. To which I…

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BCV: Rocky Mountain National Park ?>

BCV: Rocky Mountain National Park

I stifled a moan when Jim suggested going to Rocky Mountain National Park.  My immediate response was how many tree-covered mountains must we see? Were Denali, Glacier, and Yellowstone not representative enough?  I love nature and enjoyed visiting the National Parks we patronized very much, but did not feel Rocky Mountain would be different enough from the others to warrant the time and expense of going there.  Yet because Rocky Mountain was on Jim’s list for this trip, I acquiesced….

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BCV: The Honeymoon is Over ?>

BCV: The Honeymoon is Over

I believe a marriage can have multiple honeymoon phases, regardless of the length of the marriage. The actuality of this long, anticipated trip served to reignite those “just married” emotions for us. However, after three months on the road, I believe the honeymoon is over due to the following scenario: We were driving to Antonito, Colorado when we saw the Great Sand Dunes National Park sign. Our atlas stated that it is the youngest National Park in the U.S., decreed by Congress in…

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BCV: Yellowstone – The Devil’s Playground? ?>

BCV: Yellowstone – The Devil’s Playground?

What else could explain noxious sulfur fumes escaping from the ground, boiling water above and below the surface you’re walking on, boiling water shooting into the air and boiling mud? Yes…Boiling Mud! Not bubbling, boiling. I kept telling Pamala “there’s something wrong with that”. I can still smell the sulfur just thinking about it.           Yellowstone National Park has some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever find. Rugged mountains, fast and slow moving rivers, open plains, abundant…

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