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Damage & Repairs In Baja ?>

Damage & Repairs In Baja

Rolling off the couch, I get up and search for food. Nothing was in the house. I scrounged some pesos together from my shoe and headed across the street to the market and picked up some cinnamon rolls. When I returned Raul was awake. We waited around all day for a call. He was waiting for the check to be signed. The call finally came. Back down to town hall for more paperwork. Still no check for Raul, more waiting…

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Gringo in Town Hall, Then Party ?>

Gringo in Town Hall, Then Party

Early morning, Raul and I get up and headed down to the town hall, so Raul could get paid for a job he is doing for the Governor. It was kind of funny to see the looks on all the town hall people seeing a gringo inside. I don’t think that’s a normal event round here. The day was slow going, but as the┬áday wore into the afternoon, Raul’s friends started to show up. In the evening everyone started playing…

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Yo Soy Mechanico ?>

Yo Soy Mechanico

Before getting rolling in the morning I checked out the front wheels. Jacking the truck up and removing both tires I look to see if something is lodged in the caliper or if a wheel bearing has gone bad. Everything looks good. No wobble or slop in the joints. Maybe something was dislodged while driving along the beach. After bolting the tires back on I pack up and head out to Todos Santos then to La Paz. Along the way…

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Relaxing in Cabo ?>

Relaxing in Cabo

This morning I headed back into Cabo San Lucas. I found a public beach with parking very close. I relaxed for a few hours catching up on writing when I noticed a lady who got stuck in the sand. Ironically it was a Ford Explorer. I walked over and gave her a hand. I headed out to the beach with my camera and hung around until late in the after noon. As time passed I decided not to hang around…

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