Santa Marta, Colombia

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Hernando, Sophie and myself headed back to Barranquilla in the morning. Then I turned around and headed to Santa Marta at noon on a shuttle service that picked me up from Hernando’s shop. Ended up staying at a hostel in the down town area. Not many people were here when I checked in. So I left […]

Relaxing in Cabo

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This morning I headed back into Cabo San Lucas. I found a public beach with parking very close. I relaxed for a few hours catching up on writing when I noticed a lady who got stuck in the sand. Ironically it was a Ford Explorer. I walked over and gave her a hand. I headed […]

South to La Paz

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Left my beach camp and headed towards La Paz. Very cool town by the way. I will explore more on my way north. Took mostly dirt roads along the Sea of Cortez where I came across many nice properties and beaches. Stopped in Los Barriles and bought some food from two guys in a road […]

BCV: Sitting Beside Myself

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     It was the Russian architecture that prompted me to visit the Kenai Peninsula, but it was the scenery that captivated me. Of all the places I visited, this is, by far, my favorite location in Alaska.  The beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park is located on the peninsula.  The northwest coast of the peninsula is marshy […]

Assateague State Park

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Unbeknownst to myself, I apparently have an uncanny ability of finding the most popular campsites. Arriving at Assateague State Park, Maryland I stopped by the ranger office to reserve a campsite. The Park Ranger stationed said “This is the most popular beach around here. Most of the summer we are packed.” Sending me on my […]