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Santa Marta, Colombia ?>

Santa Marta, Colombia

Hernando, Sophie and myself headed back to Barranquilla in the morning. Then I turned around and headed to Santa Marta at noon on a shuttle service that picked me up from Hernando’s shop. Ended up staying at a hostel in the down town area. Not many people were here when I checked in. So I left my bag and headed out to find something to eat. I walked around a good while. Up and down the main strip where all the…

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Relaxing in Cabo ?>

Relaxing in Cabo

This morning I headed back into Cabo San Lucas. I found a public beach with parking very close. I relaxed for a few hours catching up on writing when I noticed a lady who got stuck in the sand. Ironically it was a Ford Explorer. I walked over and gave her a hand. I headed out to the beach with my camera and hung around until late in the after noon. As time passed I decided not to hang around…

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South to La Paz ?>

South to La Paz

Left my beach camp and headed towards La Paz. Very cool town by the way. I will explore more on my way north. Took mostly dirt roads along the Sea of Cortez where I came across many nice properties and beaches. Stopped in Los Barriles and bought some food from two guys in a road side shack. I got half a chicken with a stack of tortillas and the fixings for $65 pesos ($4.33 US). While waiting for one guy…

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BCV: Sitting Beside Myself ?>

BCV: Sitting Beside Myself

     It was the Russian architecture that prompted me to visit the Kenai Peninsula, but it was the scenery that captivated me. Of all the places I visited, this is, by far, my favorite location in Alaska.  The beautiful Kenai Fjords National Park is located on the peninsula.  The northwest coast of the peninsula is marshy and with less elevation but is the home to a clear and inviting beach.  Several large lakes extend through the interior of the peninsula, including  Skilak…

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Assateague State Park ?>

Assateague State Park

Unbeknownst to myself, I apparently have an uncanny ability of finding the most popular campsites. Arriving at Assateague State Park, Maryland I stopped by the ranger office to reserve a campsite. The Park Ranger stationed said “This is the most popular beach around here. Most of the summer we are packed.” Sending me on my way, she pointed out a few other campgrounds in the area, one of which was just down the road. Assateague Island National Seashore was fulled…

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