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End of Central America Trip ?>

End of Central America Trip

The last post was the last journal I had written on the trip. From there I pushed onward to get to the Gulf Coast, though I never made it. While going through Mexico City I was pulled over again pretty much for being a gringo. There was no valid reason why they pulled me over and I argued for hours. Conveniently I was pulled over right next to a bank. They threatened jail, impounding and all manner of other scary tactics…

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Damage & Repairs In Baja ?>

Damage & Repairs In Baja

Rolling off the couch, I get up and search for food. Nothing was in the house. I scrounged some pesos together from my shoe and headed across the street to the market and picked up some cinnamon rolls. When I returned Raul was awake. We waited around all day for a call. He was waiting for the check to be signed. The call finally came. Back down to town hall for more paperwork. Still no check for Raul, more waiting…

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Yo Soy Mechanico ?>

Yo Soy Mechanico

Before getting rolling in the morning I checked out the front wheels. Jacking the truck up and removing both tires I look to see if something is lodged in the caliper or if a wheel bearing has gone bad. Everything looks good. No wobble or slop in the joints. Maybe something was dislodged while driving along the beach. After bolting the tires back on I pack up and head out to Todos Santos then to La Paz. Along the way…

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BCV: It’s Not Always a Pot of Gold! ?>

BCV: It’s Not Always a Pot of Gold!

This is me at the end of the rainbow NOT finding financial security! It was bound to happen. We’ve had a few mechanical issues to deal with on this trip, but nothing that left us disabled on the side of the road. Luckily, when it did happen, it was only the trailer and not the truck. We were thirty-five miles east of Glennallen, Alaska, eastbound, when I looked in my driver’s side mirror and saw smoke billowing out from the trailer fenderwell…

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Tooele, Utah ?>

Tooele, Utah

All interstate driving today as I nurse the truck into Tooele, Utah. Some of the roads made the passenger side bounce uncontrollably. You don’t realize what parts really do until you beak them. Stopping by a auto parts store I picked up an electric fan and 2 shocks then headed for my families house. Once I got to Tooele, UT I relaxed the rest of the day. Over four weeks of driving strait can be draining. My path has change…

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