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Final stretch through British Columbia ?>

Final stretch through British Columbia

The coming blizzard started blowing in overnight. High winds pushed me allover the passes. The storm I was running from had caught up to me. Each stop for fuel I would overhear someone mention tons of snow dumped the night before right up the road. Good thing I was on my way South.  Fort Nelson, B.C. – Dawson Creek, B.C. – Grande Praire, Alberta – Banff National Park, B.C, Canada Once I crossed back into the US I stayed with…

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Cassiar Highway Part 2 ?>

Cassiar Highway Part 2

Groggy and half asleep I hear a repetition of low thuds. Slowly the pitch increases. Looking out the fogged up window I see more fog. Then a black blob faded into sight. A helicopter was coming in for a landing. Exactly where I was parked. Crap. With no time to try and get the pilots attention, I cover myself back up. I’m guessing I thought the sleeping bag would save me. Rotor wash shook the truck with a violent force,…

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Cassiar Highway ?>

Cassiar Highway

Today was filled with all kinds of sights. Leaving 100 Mile House I continued thru Prince George to Kenyate. Topping off I headed up the Cassiar, or B.C. 37, to Stewart. Mostly paved, the Cassiar was a beautiful drive. Alternate route 37 to Stewart split the coastal mountains in two. The mountains jetted skyward beyond the clouds that blanked them in snow. Glaciers of all sizes dotted the steep slopes. Largest of all, Bear Glacier is an awesome sight. I…

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Vancouver, B.C. ?>

Vancouver, B.C.

Met up with Murat at Vancouver B.C. to drop off his stuff. He made me breakfast and we BS’ed for a while. He snow boards, which I didn’t expect. Once again I traded in US dollars for Canadian. At that moment I started joking about being spys. There was quite a bit of cash from different countries laying on the table. After a short while I headed back out, he had class soon and I needed to get back on…

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