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Final stretch through British Columbia ?>

Final stretch through British Columbia

The coming blizzard started blowing in overnight. High winds pushed me allover the passes. The storm I was running from had caught up to me. Each stop for fuel I would overhear someone mention tons of snow dumped the night before right up the road. Good thing I was on my way South.  Fort Nelson, B.C. – Dawson Creek, B.C. – Grande Praire, Alberta – Banff National Park, B.C, Canada Once I crossed back into the US I stayed with…

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Yukon ?>


Last night was extremely cold. I woke to myself shivering. Damp matches make it almost impossible to light the heater. After getting ready I hopped out to stretch. A light snow had fallen over night.

Cassiar Highway Part 2 ?>

Cassiar Highway Part 2

Groggy and half asleep I hear a repetition of low thuds. Slowly the pitch increases. Looking out the fogged up window I see more fog. Then a black blob faded into sight. A helicopter was coming in for a landing. Exactly where I was parked. Crap. With no time to try and get the pilots attention, I cover myself back up. I’m guessing I thought the sleeping bag would save me. Rotor wash shook the truck with a violent force,…

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BCV: To Chicken and Beyond… ?>

BCV: To Chicken and Beyond…

After the the repairs in Glennallen were complete, we were anxious to hit the road again, partly because signs of autumn were appearing and partly because our time in Alaska was coming to a close. Alaska had always been sort of the “primary goal” of the trip, and everything there and back would be “icing on the cake”. So it was time to move on to the next chapter of the trip.      We very much enjoyed our trip through British…

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