Cassiar Highway

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Today was filled with all kinds of sights. Leaving 100 Mile House I continued thru Prince George to Kenyate. Topping off I headed up the Cassiar, or B.C. 37, to Stewart. Mostly paved, the Cassiar was a beautiful drive. Alternate route 37 to Stewart split the coastal mountains in two. The mountains jetted skyward beyond […]

BCV: To Chicken and Beyond…

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After the the repairs in Glennallen were complete, we were anxious to hit the road again, partly because signs of autumn were appearing and partly because our time in Alaska was coming to a close. Alaska had always been sort of the “primary goal” of the trip, and everything there and back would be “icing on […]

BCV: Yukon

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The road conditions on the Cassiar Highway were never good, but as we traveled toward Yukon, the road conditions deteriorated further. The frost heaves made driving feel like like you were in an airplane experiencing turbulence, and the lack of any markings made it hard to anticipate the abnormalities. The last fifty or so miles […]