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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Part 2 ?>

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Part 2

In the morning everyone got up and lounged around. Mostly talking, about what, I couldn’t tell. We planned to go up to the top of the mountain, but took a while to get everyone loaded into the vehicles and on the trail. The trail was fairly easy with a few cross axle spots needing a bit a maneuvering. At the top there was a radio tower and off to the other side was an overlook. Unfortunately the cloud covered the…

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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Part 1 ?>

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – Part 1

After my return to Barranquilla, Hernando and some of his friends were planning a trip to Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Which, as you may have guessed, is near Santa Marta.       Hernando getting some salsa at a mountain shop. Powering up roof lights on the South America Ford Ranger (Global Ranger).   Looking back in the direction of Barranquilla.   As night fell we reached the cabins. Then dinner was started. Chicken heart, some steak and a corn type of biscuits….

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Santa Marta, Colombia ?>

Santa Marta, Colombia

Hernando, Sophie and myself headed back to Barranquilla in the morning. Then I turned around and headed to Santa Marta at noon on a shuttle service that picked me up from Hernando’s shop. Ended up staying at a hostel in the down town area. Not many people were here when I checked in. So I left my bag and headed out to find something to eat. I walked around a good while. Up and down the main strip where all the…

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Old City Cartagena – Part 2 ?>

Old City Cartagena – Part 2

Leaving the beach we headed back to the boat. Hernando still wasn’t feeling that great and wanted to sleep a bit. So he dropped me off back at the old city so I could see everything in the day. I strolled around town popping into a few shops that were open. I also walked on top of the huge coral walls outlining the city. Everything about the town is very nostalgic of the Spanish’s occupation. Great architecture. Walking though the…

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Fortress – Castillo San Felipe de Barajas ?>

Fortress – Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

  Today was a late start. We didn’t crawl out of bed till 10 AM. Hernando had a bit of a hang over and didn’t feel up to taking the boat out. So we watched a movie, then headed over to Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a fort in Cartagena. We walked all over the outside, then worked out way through the tunnels inside.        After the touristy bit through the fort, we headed for the beach so…

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