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Overland Expo East 2014 ?>

Overland Expo East 2014

Back in 2014 I rode my 1982 Honda XL500R from California to West Virginia. While I was out I decided to take a trip to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the Overland Expo East. It was kind of last minute, though I hadn’t been to an expo in a couple years and figured since it was sort of close I should make it. Packing up my bike I hit the road 280 miles south. Back on the road again was…

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Moto Arrival in West Virgina ?>

Moto Arrival in West Virgina

In the morning I repeated the same pack-up. This time I strapped my backpack onto the yellow dry sack. I had ridden with it on my back from New Mexico to Kentucky and the weight was getting to me. Although I started to do this earlier in AZ I was paranoid of it coming undone. It had my laptop, which I needed for work once I get to West Virginia, as well as other expensive electronics. I spent a while…

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Moto into Kentucky ?>

Moto into Kentucky

Stumbling out of the tent in the morning I quickly began to pack. The days of riding through nothing made me want to hurry up and get through the next flat part to where nice places were. During packing the husband of the host came over to say hi. We talked for a while about traveling. He had taken a bike trip similar to what I did back in the late 50’s or early 60’s. He ran on aviation gas…

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Moto Through Oklahoma into Missouri ?>

Moto Through Oklahoma into Missouri

Crawling out of bed was harder this morning. My back was sore from dropping the bike yesterday. I took a couple pain pills and took a hot shower. I packed my bike up inside the hotel room, which was a new experience. As I roll the bike out the door a couple of other guests were staring. Guessing they haven’t seen something like this before. I finish strapping on my bags then head to a coffee shop to get some…

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