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BCV: It’s a Small World Afterall ?>

BCV: It’s a Small World Afterall

Traveling to Alaska, I expected to meet people from all over the United States and the world since Alaska is a destination for people worldwide. I camped next to a couple who journeyed here from Austria. I met a group of four who hailed from Australia at Tetlin National Forest. A couple traveling on motorcycle from Brussels; another couple on motorcycles from New Zealand. Closer to home, I ran into a cyclist from Salt Lake City, Utah en route to…

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Space Shuttle Launch ?>

Space Shuttle Launch

Shuttle Launch. To watch the shuttle launch I parked on a small island for the road between Cocoa Beach and Merritt island. Glen & Victoria from Trinidad talked to me for a while. They live in Orlando currently and use to live in New York City. Glen wants to buy a sail boat and travel the South Pacific. His wife didn’t seem to like the idea. “Look there it goes,” people shouted, “go baby go.” A low rumble grew into…

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Key West, Florida ?>

Key West, Florida

Waking from a good nights rest I depart for Key West. Driving most of the day landed me on Long Key. Sixty miles short of my goal, but luck was on my side at the campgrounds. Completely booked, accept for a family who left early. While registering I ask the ranger about The Conch Republic. James a park ranger told me a story of a friend to couldn’t get back on the mainland when the Conch Republic was formed. He…

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Clear Springs Lake to Pensacola ?>

Clear Springs Lake to Pensacola

Green as far as the eye can see. For a desert dweller this is a completely new theme. Trees, grass, lakes and rivers are scattered about the landscape. Much to my surprise Oklahoma and Arkansas have hills. Everyone I known from the area has joked of how flat everything is. Although the view don’t change much the area is still beautiful. Traveling on back roads in the South has proven to be a near impossible task. Within the hundreds of…

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