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Durango, Mexico ?>

Durango, Mexico

Headed out over the mountains again to escape the grundge of the west coast of mexico. The mountains were very steep and very cool. I passed a Swiss couple headed from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in a Unimog with a custom camper. Also passed an adventure biker. Originally I passed through Durango headed south, but came back into town after I realized I wouldn’t get anywhere soon. So I got another auto hotel. This one is a bit more…

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Out of the Mountains in Mexico ?>

Out of the Mountains in Mexico

In the morning I woke to everything drenched. The camper leaked at the ledge had a puddle of water. No one was awake, so I tossed some money through the broken pain of glass in the kitchen door. I found where I was with the Delorme map. I was 20 miles south from the road. I headed back and found the correct road. From there I kept loosing my way with the labyrinth of junctions not on any of my…

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Lost in Mexico ?>

Lost in Mexico

In the morning I headed south to Copper Canyon. Only problem was I completely missed the turn and by the time I realized it I was too far to go back. I ended up taking the road to Hwy 24 near Hidalgo del Parral. From there I headed West to a small dirt trail over the mountains over to Sinola. The road became more remote as I continued. Eventually my GPS had problems keeping my position and all of my…

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