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Fortine, Montana ?>

Fortine, Montana

I visited Paul and Kathy in Fortine, Montana for a day. Worried about the weather I shoved off this morning. A band of storms were rolling in over the coastal mountain. Thinking if I wait any longer the worse it will get I packed up and head out towards Seattle.

Snow in Glacier National Park ?>

Snow in Glacier National Park

In the morning I noticed the higher peaks were covered in snow. I headed off to the Eastern portion of the park where I could drive closer to the mountains due to the road closure. This was a little taste of what I might encounter further north.

BCV: Exploring Glacier National Park ?>

BCV: Exploring Glacier National Park

Montana, Big Sky Country they call it. I would add “Big Mountains, Big Rivers, Big Lakes, Big Waterfalls, and Big Snow” to the list. As I said of South Dakota, the winters would not be for me but I could happily roam about this state during the summers. Pictures and movies absolutely do not do this state justice. We spent three nights base-camped at Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park. If you ever get the chance to go to Glacier National…

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