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Monument Valley ?>

Monument Valley

Smart decisions are not always made when traveling. After deliberating for a couple of hours, Tim and I decided to visit Monument Valley as neither of us had previously been there. Just one catch, it was 9 o-clock Friday evening. Not being a stranger to driving twelve hours strait, I had no preconceived notions that already being awake all day would wear me down. After packing the sleeping gear and tossing on thermal underwear we headed out. Mesa to Flagstaff…

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Final stretch through British Columbia ?>

Final stretch through British Columbia

The coming blizzard started blowing in overnight. High winds pushed me allover the passes. The storm I was running from had caught up to me. Each stop for fuel I would overhear someone mention tons of snow dumped the night before right up the road. Good thing I was on my way South.  Fort Nelson, B.C. – Dawson Creek, B.C. – Grande Praire, Alberta – Banff National Park, B.C, Canada Once I crossed back into the US I stayed with…

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Return from the Dalton Highway ?>

Return from the Dalton Highway

Winds blasted the truck, shaking it all over during my rest. Eight o’clock and wide awake. So much for sleep. I make a few calls to family and friends to let them know of my arrival. I’m surprised there was cell service up here. After my “I made it” calls I headed back down. Windy conditions broke just outside Deadhorse. Caribou grased along side the road under the crystal clear skys. Out of the blue a low lying fog quickly…

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