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MX2: Gear Slimdown ?>

MX2: Gear Slimdown

With my hiatus of travel since October 2011, I decided to take a day drive near my home this past weekend. I headed out to the hills behind my house and popped out near Vail Lake. Though this wasn’t a huge trip, it was nice to get back on dirt and just go. The day after my little trip I decided to clean the truck as I hadn’t touched anything since November. I parked the truck on a small concrete…

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MX2: Roof Top Tent ?>

MX2: Roof Top Tent

I have gone back to my original concept of the truck and adopted a roof top tent. I used the flippac on my truck for a short time. At first I liked the camper, but over time reality set in. I’ve never given a full account as to what I thought of the camper. Now that’s been a while I might as well spill it. The flippac falls into, what I call, a “good idea but bad execution” category. The concept…

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MX2: Engine Swap ?>

MX2: Engine Swap

After my failed Central America trip my engine developed a knock. Expecting the worse I began to tear down the engine for a rebuild. All external items removed from the engine compartment. Tentatively planning a solid axle swap, I remove the front suspension. I was somewhat being sluggish on working on the truck. The trip failing was wearing on me and now the engine possibly being bad was heavy on my mind. I got a bit of motivation finally to…

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MX2: Suspension Repairs ?>

MX2: Suspension Repairs

After a few test runs I had my shock tabs rip off the frame. Back at the shop I cleaned up the cross supports surface and re-welded the broken shock mount (left). Though the right mount didn’t break I ran a few extra welds, just in case. Then I cut 1/4 inch plate for reinforcements. I drilled holes for additional welds attaching to the existing structure. The larger hole is drilled where the mount is. Next I crank up the amperage…

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MX2: Organizing The Gear ?>

MX2: Organizing The Gear

With gear weight being an issue for fuel range, getting unstuck and generally being a pain. I decided to have a go through with all of my gear to make sure there’s nothing I don’t need or something I’ve missed. First I empty out the truck laying everything on the floor. Then opening up all the bags, containers and what have you on my kitchen equipment. After checking everything off I repacked everything into the kitchen drawer. The only thing…

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