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MX5: Rear Door & Tarp Awning ?>

MX5: Rear Door & Tarp Awning

I started working on the rear door shelf. I painted the underside of the door latch black. This was done to avoid spending a lot of time fitting the old latch cover. The backing board was made by measuring the area first. Then using a piece of cardboard to copy the curves. I used a hole saw to cut the door latch hole. I then painted it and attached it do the door. Further tinkering with the Disco, I played…

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MX5: Sleeping Platform ?>

MX5: Sleeping Platform

Its time I spend a little time on the Disco again. I’ve debated for a while about building a sleeping platform inside the Disco, though never actually did it. Well, I’m going forward and making it happen. After searching the web I didn’t find too many people who’d done something similar. So far the best setup I’ve seen was done by Chazz Layne in his Disco II, which is part of the inspiration for my build. My platform will be…

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MX5: Fresh & Cheap Paint ?>

MX5: Fresh & Cheap Paint

Time to clean up the body of the Disco. Being cheap, I’ll be doing this on a budget and in segments. First I work on the passenger side, which was badly sun faded. Once I dismantled parts that covered the body I did some sanding. After sanding I cleaned off the dust with acetone then masked off windows, tires, door handles and etc. Then I mixed up the same paint I got for my off-road trailer (XT1). The next day…

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MX5: Lights & Gear Storage ?>

MX5: Lights & Gear Storage

Backing up a bit here. The original bumper plastics were faded, scraped and overall in bad condition. I decided to remove the lower portions. The side sections were part of the bumper ‘style’ so I had to keep the upper parts. I cut them right along the crease with a handy saw. Both sides were cut then I sanded the edges and reinstalled. After the bumper trim I added some old Hella 500 driving lights that use to be on…

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MX5: Disco Gets Some New Shoes ?>

MX5: Disco Gets Some New Shoes

When the vehicle was purchased it came with a mismatched set of over sized tires. They did look good and only rubbed a little. All the tires were 265/70 R16’s and were dry rotted on the tread surface. So new tires were in order. A used set was purchased from a used tire shop. They all matched, had decent tread left and would get the Disco down the road for a few weeks. The down side was the only size…

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