June Lake and Yosemite

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After my hike I headed toward the June Lake loop. My Grandpa use to come up here every year for vacation. I camped one night on June Lake which was mix nice and sad. Still hard to imagine he’s gone. After my stay on the June Lake loop I made my way to Yosemite. This […]

BCV: Rocky Mountain National Park

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I stifled a moan when Jim suggested going to Rocky Mountain National Park.  My immediate response was how many tree-covered mountains must we see? Were Denali, Glacier, and Yellowstone not representative enough?  I love nature and enjoyed visiting the National Parks we patronized very much, but did not feel Rocky Mountain would be different enough […]

BCV: The Honeymoon is Over

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I believe a marriage can have multiple honeymoon phases, regardless of the length of the marriage. The actuality of this long, anticipated trip served to reignite those “just married” emotions for us. However, after three months on the road, I believe the honeymoon is over due to the following scenario: We were driving to Antonito, Colorado when […]