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Nevada Craters and Aliens ?>

Nevada Craters and Aliens

We pushed on up to higher ground and a few tricky spots. Then made our way to a asteroid impact crater. Snow hit us once again. In the morning we made our way to the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Summer Snow in the Sierras ?>

Summer Snow in the Sierras

Overnight the temperature dropped. I woke up a few times in the roof top tent shaking. I figured the wind was making it colder than normal. When I woke up I found out why I was shivering. It had snowed, and it was June. Didn’t expect that! We packed up and headed back North through another ghost town. Weather on this trip was pretty crazy. Another blast of cold air and a dust storm.

Crossing North of Death Valley ?>

Crossing North of Death Valley

Back on the trail, Dave lead us across a Norther portion of Death Valley National Park. The two track trail had hardly seen any traffic. The further we went, the less and less signs of man were apparent. It was truly no mans land. We setup camp on top of a hill. The winds were pretty strong and a huge dust storm was moving closer. I made myself some spaghetti for dinner and relaxed around the campfire.

Nevada Overland ?>

Nevada Overland

A trip from Rhyolite to Tonopah with Adventure Duo and SoCal Teardrops. Day one we made it up to Death Valley and setup camp.   Random cow in Nevada.   We made it to the Rhyolite Ghost Town. At the glass bottle building there are some old photos from 100 years ago.