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Smelly Biker in New Mexico ?>

Smelly Biker in New Mexico

Moonscapes were the view from my tent in the morning as the sun came over the hills. Not a cloud in the sky. Crazy considering it was going to rain heavy again today according to the weather report. So much for forecasts. I started my new daily routine of packing all the gear back onto the bike. After that I headed for breakfast in town and then back on the road. My original intention was to take US highway 60 most of…

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Moto through New Mexico ?>

Moto through New Mexico

Today I slept in. No, not to be lazy. I wanted to wait till the sun came out and pack everything up dry. Around 7 am I finally got up and started breaking down camp. I laid everything out on a semi-dry picnic bench in my camp spot. While packing up another camper came over. He was asking if I was doing a long or short trip. I told him I was headed to West Virginia currently, but possibly further if I can…

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Crossing New Mexico and Texas ?>

Crossing New Mexico and Texas

With the day consisting of pure highway driving, not to much excitement was felt. Being in familiar territory the current adventure also seemed far from reality. After stopping in Albuquerque for fuel and ice I continued east into the mountains. Glancing at my maps a bit of excitement grew within myself. I was passing the furthest eastern point I have ever driven. Thoughts filled my head of what lye ahead.