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MX2: Engine Swap ?>

MX2: Engine Swap

After my failed Central America trip my engine developed a knock. Expecting the worse I began to tear down the engine for a rebuild. All external items removed from the engine compartment. Tentatively planning a solid axle swap, I remove the front suspension. I was somewhat being sluggish on working on the truck. The trip failing was wearing on me and now the engine possibly being bad was heavy on my mind. I got a bit of motivation finally to…

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MX2: Suspension Repairs ?>

MX2: Suspension Repairs

After a few test runs I had my shock tabs rip off the frame. Back at the shop I cleaned up the cross supports surface and re-welded the broken shock mount (left). Though the right mount didn’t break I ran a few extra welds, just in case. Then I cut 1/4 inch plate for reinforcements. I drilled holes for additional welds attaching to the existing structure. The larger hole is drilled where the mount is. Next I crank up the amperage…

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Damage & Repairs In Baja ?>

Damage & Repairs In Baja

Rolling off the couch, I get up and search for food. Nothing was in the house. I scrounged some pesos together from my shoe and headed across the street to the market and picked up some cinnamon rolls. When I returned Raul was awake. We waited around all day for a call. He was waiting for the check to be signed. The call finally came. Back down to town hall for more paperwork. Still no check for Raul, more waiting…

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MX1 fixed and back on the road ?>

MX1 fixed and back on the road

After receiving the radiator and other parts on Wednesday, I installed them without any big issues. Yesterday I took a drive up Middle Canyon to make sure everything was ok offroad and up hills. At the top of the mountain there is an overlook of Salt Lake and Kennecott copper mine. I was relieved that I arrived with no boiling going on in the motor. All seems well, which means I’m back on the road! Today I’ll be headed out…

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Tooele, Utah ?>

Tooele, Utah

All interstate driving today as I nurse the truck into Tooele, Utah. Some of the roads made the passenger side bounce uncontrollably. You don’t realize what parts really do until you beak them. Stopping by a auto parts store I picked up an electric fan and 2 shocks then headed for my families house. Once I got to Tooele, UT I relaxed the rest of the day. Over four weeks of driving strait can be draining. My path has change…

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