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2400 Miles on a 1982 Honda ?>

2400 Miles on a 1982 Honda

This year I had itchy feet to take on another challenge. I have been stagnant for quite a while in the travel department and needed to get out on the road again. With reality weighing in constantly, I knew I wouldn’t be able to completely escape as I did in 2007 for my big North America trip. I had customers that I needed to keep happy and my servers to keep online. A friend of mine on the East Coast,…

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7 Years After a 22,000 Mile Adventure ?>

7 Years After a 22,000 Mile Adventure

This month marks 7 years after my biggest adventure to date, an overland journey from my home in Gilbert, Arizona to all four corners of the United States and Canada. The adventure spanned 10 weeks and 22,000 miles in my 2001 Ford Ranger. Quite ironically a friend (Jim of is currently on his own North American trip. Since I’m currently grounded, I want to reshare and relive the adventure. Day by day I’ll be posing stories from my notes from 7 years…

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