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BCV: Yellowstone – The Devil’s Playground? ?>

BCV: Yellowstone – The Devil’s Playground?

What else could explain noxious sulfur fumes escaping from the ground, boiling water above and below the surface you’re walking on, boiling water shooting into the air and boiling mud? Yes…Boiling Mud! Not bubbling, boiling. I kept telling Pamala “there’s something wrong with that”. I can still smell the sulfur just thinking about it.           Yellowstone National Park has some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever find. Rugged mountains, fast and slow moving rivers, open plains, abundant…

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Mt Rushmore to Wyoming ?>

Mt Rushmore to Wyoming

In the morning I visited Mt Rushmore in the Black Hills NF. Crossing into Wyoming I took off on dirt roads about 100 miles long. Yay! Back to my goal. Later in Casper I headed south for more dirt roads that dropped me near Colorado. Stopped in Casper, Wyoming for fuel and ice. While I emptied the water from my cooler A guy started yelling because the water rolled his direction. Saying I was making a mess over there and…

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