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XT1: FREE Trailer Plans ?>

XT1: FREE Trailer Plans

I have put together some of the drawings in one downloadable PDF for personal use. Since there are a lot of home builders out there that are looking for some ideas I figured I would publish what I have. The current blueprints include 2 box variations, cut/fold paths, weld/assembly sketches, chassis and wiring drawings. However, there is one catch. I am making these plans available for personal use only. I also ask that you make mention online that your trailer…

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XT1: Finishing Touches ?>

XT1: Finishing Touches

After things settled down after my Dad passed away, I towed my trailer to California. The trailer towed awesome and I did a small test run down a power line road. Most of the trip I forgot I was even towing anything. Now its to getting it finished up, now that I’ll have it near by. Thanks to Dave Druck of Trasharoo for helping with a Lock and Roll so I could get the trailer towed. Once I got home…

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XT1: Paint & Assembly ?>

XT1: Paint & Assembly

These are the led tail lights I decided to go with. The trucker oval style doesn’t work well with my design of the trailer. I installed a standard electrical trailer j-box on the tongue. Now its to assembly and wiring. Next I primer the lid and rear door. Then paint. It takes a few days to primer and paint since I had to wait for each side to dry. Then I paint the hinges. I use some off the shelf…

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XT1: Making Top Lid & Rear Door ?>

XT1: Making Top Lid & Rear Door

After drying a for a couple days I attach the hinges lid. On the other side I attach over center latches. They have tabs that stick out to lock with a padlock. Next I build the rear door. I use clamps to hold the door in place where I can mark where the door hinges will bolt to. I drill the holes and bolt everything together. Welded on some shock mounts then finished painting underneath and inside the box. The…

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XT1: Final Bits & Painting The Trailer ?>

XT1: Final Bits & Painting The Trailer

I like to over build. Good example is where the chassis tubes are split for the tongue. With the trailer on its side I weld up all the small bits I couldn’t get to from the top. Before I flip back over and set up on jack stands I use the pallet scale to weigh in. So far what you see is 390 lbs. Not too bad. In between doing the metal work I decided to start figuring out what…

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