Beginning A 22,000 Mile Solo Adventure

From the moment I woke my mood was subdued by millions of thoughts racing through my head, collectively preparing myself for the journey ahead. Did I remember everything? Running over my checklist time and time again, assuring myself nothing would be left behind. Packing and unpacking, reorganizing then packing again, I utilized every possible inch of space. Most of my day was spent in this fashion, pouring over every little detail on the gear, food, clothing and most importantly, the vehicle. Every fluid checked, every bold tightened, spares counted and fitted for the thousands of miles that lay in store. Over the years I have racket up many miles, however this expedition will push myself and my equipment far beyond anything I have achieved. Winding down my frenzy of preparations, I met my father and brother at a coffee shop. We sat and talked for an hour or so, yet my mind still resides on the adventure at hand. My nerves grew weary as the time passed. Around 5 pm I decided to hit the road. I said goodbye to my dad and brother and headed for the interstate. Just before I turned onto the on ramp a though struck me. The trucks’ alternator hadn’t been changed. Not wanting to jinx myself I picked up a spare alternator. Now its off to Flagstaff where I’ll camp for my first night.

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