Groggy and half asleep I hear a repetition of low thuds. Slowly the pitch increases. Looking out the fogged up window I see more fog. Then a black blob faded into sight. A helicopter was coming in for a landing. Exactly where I was parked. Crap. With no time to try and get the pilots attention, I cover myself back up. I’m guessing I thought the sleeping bag would save me. Rotor wash shook the truck with a violent force, then stopped. Thirty feet to my side the chopped touched down. Looking out the window I see a couple of guys in a truck and some fuel barrels. I’m not sure if they planed to scare the crap out of me, they did it anyways.

Met a guy at Bell II from Texas. He said a pack of wolves got into an argument over fish at his camp last night. He was in a tent close to the beach.

Clerk at the Watson Lake/37 gas station told me the Taylor highway was closed.

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