Today was filled with all kinds of sights. Leaving 100 Mile House I continued thru Prince George to Kenyate. Topping off I headed up the Cassiar, or B.C. 37, to Stewart. Mostly paved, the Cassiar was a beautiful drive. Alternate route 37 to Stewart split the coastal mountains in two. The mountains jetted skyward beyond the clouds that blanked them in snow. Glaciers of all sizes dotted the steep slopes. Largest of all, Bear Glacier is an awesome sight. I went for a brief hike for some photos before continuing. Once I arrived in Stewart B.C. I passed through the border to Hyder, Alaska. There was no check point headed out of Canada, but there is one when you return. The woman on duty seemed suspicious of me. Probably due to my blood shot eyes from hours behind the wheel. After some convincing she let me pass. While looking for a campground I found a power line trail that leads to a hiking spot. Driving a few miles back yielded no camping. With light running out I proceeded to return to the road. Running out of steam, my night ended back at Bear Glacier.

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