On June 23rd 2010 I finally departed on my Central America trip. Here are my journals and photos.

As much as we may research and plan out the events in our lives, we can never truly escape the randomness of the world. With the slightest gesture of a stranger, our paths can change inevitably to an unknown route. Unnerving as it may feel, the unpredictability of life is what keeps me going. While not completely adjusted to the new mission at hand, simmering on the stove, for what seems to be an eternity, are the essential ingredients. The stew of preparation is ready for the first serving.

Quite ironically two years ago today I began the lengthy process of extending my truck’s cab and researching for a round the world trip. Riddled with highs and lows of learning new skills, set backs, building components and rebuilding components. I have emerged, poised on the window of opportunity. Tucked away in the dark, my truck sits ready for departure. With personal effects loaded, I open the final doorway blocking my path to the world. Mixed excitement and nerves run their course with nothing left to do but turn the key, crank up some music and hit the road to Central America. I’m off!

Before I head South I wanted to visit some family up in Utah and go see a race.


When I headed back to AZ I stopped by Sierra Expeditions to secure my Maxtrax in place with quickfist camps.

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