Colorado: Rollins and Independence Passes

Heading out of Boulder into the mountains I found a trail over the continental divide. While on Rollins Pass, one of the first over the divide, I busted a shock. Not sure how I did it since the trails is easy. Ending my offroading adventure I headed back to the pavement cutting my Colorado trip short. Driving on the pavement the rest of the way I headed south to Independence Pass. Climbing the hill brought more problems. Apparently my leaking cooling system was due to a dead fan clutch. No air was moving over the radiator, overheating the motor. Once the motor cooled a bit I used some JB Weld to hold the clutch fixed, so air would flow. Hospitality in Colorado is great. While repairing I had at least five offers to help. The JB Weld worked until I stopped 200 miles later for fuel. Restarting snapped the fix loose. I headed for Utah where I have family and where I can stop and fix everything properly. My problem cut my southern Utah trip off as well. I wanted to travel around Moab. Despite the breakdowns I still had a good time. Colorado has some awesome trials and back roads, not to mention the people are friendly.

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