With the purchase of my first dual sport comes the inevitable upgrades. The goal of loading more shit onto your bike that it probably can handle for most. Thought, having become more of a minimalist, I want to try to keep gear, as the term suggest, to a minimum. For the first few weeks I had the bike nothing really happened. All I did was get some new riding gear; helmet, jacket and water resistant backpack.

Then a few weeks later, the gear storage started. Since this was a budget built, I spent as little as possible. The tank bag I used was actually a cheap lunch box from Walmart. Did I mention cheap? Six bucks for the new bag and some paracord attachments later I had a new tank bag. The bag had an expandable top zipper, which came in handy.

When I set across the USA in 2014 on the bike, I stored my jetboil stove, spot gps messenger and a led lantern in the tank bag. I also kept maps, my phone and other quick access items in the top portion.

For carrying tools and repair parts/fluids I added a cheap bag from Lowes to do the trick. I modified the handles by cutting them and adding clips to cinch down the bag. I fastened the bag to the fender with 1/4 bolts and fender washers. The front I tied down with paracord to keep from flapping around in the wind. For whats in side see below.

Back to simple and cheap again for the rear “rack.” If you could call it that. I took some 3/4 inch EMT pipe and bent it around the back of the seat support. I flattened each end and drilled holes where it could bolt to the existing frame bolts. The back of the “rack” was held in place with hose clamps. Yes, just something simple as I don’t intend carry lots of weight.

Preparing for the ride across the USA, I gathered all the crap, I mean stuff, I would take. Overall I was happy I got it down to a minimum, though I could probably slim down more.

Tools and stuff that went into the fender bag. I eventually ditched the water packets.

Here is everything packed onto the bike.

I also made some new custom stickers for the bike since I have a sticker machine.

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