DS1 – Lighting Upgrade

Stock lighting on the XL500R was dismal to say the least. With only having a few watts to work with from the stator, not much light was produced. Riding along dark roads made it apparent how little the beam projected ahead. Digging around my pile of parts, I grab a Hella Rallye 4000 lamp. Initially the light had a 100 watt bulb. ┬áThat by far exceeded the stators output capacity. I looked into the possibility of upgrading the stator, though the cost and time required didn’t seem worth it to me. Researching online I found a couple forums of people who were running a 55 watt bulb with no problems. Hella makes a 55 watt bulb for the Rallye 4000 casing, so I opted to go that route.

In order to use the upgraded lamp, I would need to create a new bracket. With that I loaded the front fender bag with all the gear it would carry. This way I could make sure the light was high enough to clear allowing access.

After sometime of finding a good placement, I created a paper pattern. This made it easy to do a rough fit and adjusting for clearance.

Once I was happy with the template, I copied it over to a piece of 16 gauge mild steel. With only having two connecting points that allow for adjustment vertically, I was worried about the light moving. Since the Rallye 4000 did way quite a bit more than the stock light. Once I was done and did a couple test rides I found there was no movement.

Size comparison of stock light to Hella Rallye 4000 lamp.

Also, I added some turn signal lights on the rear. Someone at some point removed all the turn signals. Nothing special, just two cheap led amber lights zip-tied to the license plate mount. Yep, I went total cheap-ass here.

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