The last post was the last journal I had written on the trip. From there I pushed onward to get to the Gulf Coast, though I never made it. While going through Mexico City I was pulled over again pretty much for being a gringo. There was no valid reason why they pulled me over and I argued for hours. Conveniently I was pulled over right next to a bank. They threatened jail, impounding and all manner of other scary tactics to get me to pay. After getting tired of arguing I walked into the bank and paid the 5000 peso “fine.” Hindsight is 20/20 and this is no exception. I paid the head cop I was dealing with (there was 5 total). Having to do it over again, I would of pulled the cash out and came back to the truck as I had done. What I would do differently is hop in the driver seat and tell the cop, “lets go for a ride to the station. I’ll pay there.” That would of called out any potential scam and may have been let go.

After the police bullshit I continued a bit. Then disaster. My spindle broke. I’ve had brake downs before, though everything that had had gone wrong with the trip was amplified by loosing my Grandfather a few months prior to me taking the trip. There was all sorts of other things that had gone wrong on the trip and so I had to pull the plug. I wasn’t enjoying myself, the continual breaking of the truck and my mental state just made everything miserable. Looking back I should of waited to take the trip until everything leveled out and removed lots of weight from the truck. I’ve never really had a desire to finish an account of what transpired, why the trip failed and why I returned home. Honestly I still don’t. It was a bad time in my life. Everything went South, and not in the direction I wanted to go.

I’ve considered since then, 2010, of redoing the trip. But, I find myself hesitant to do it. Not that Mexico is a bad place. It has its moments and I happen to hit a few of them. If it was just the police shakedowns, I would of continued. Though I sit here at the end of 2014 reliving the trip as I repost my old journal entries. At this moment I have no desire to return to Mexico and most of Central America for now. I have Panama on my list still, though most likely will fly there then explore.

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