Fortress – Castillo San Felipe de Barajas


Today was a late start. We didn’t crawl out of bed till 10 AM. Hernando had a bit of a hang over and didn’t feel up to taking the boat out. So we watched a movie, then headed over to Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a fort in Cartagena. We walked all over the outside, then worked out way through the tunnels inside.

After the touristy bit through the fort, we headed for the beach so I could try some local foods. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was actually very good. Surprising especially with one particular ingredient being snail. Yep, my first time eating snail at all. Mixed together with the snail was shrimp, onions and a zesty sauce all in a foam cup. Hernando also ordered me a coconut mix drink with rum and other stuff. It came mixed inside the coconut with a orange on top. While sitting at the rickety shack on the beach trying local foods I was bombarded by locals trying to make money off me. One lady kept saying I needed a massage. She said all kinds of things that made Hernando laugh. He translated, “They call her the chain saw because of her massages.” Though the sales pitch was hilarious I declined at every offer. Yet she proceeded to rub my shoulders and back any way. I asked Hernando what the etiquette is for getting her to stop. He started telling her in Spanish, “He isn’t going to pay, and I’m not going to pay.” They argued for a bit then she finally got the hint. Unfortunately a lot of people who wash your windows, direct you where to park, give massages and such don’t ask if you want what they offer. They do it anyways to get you to pay afterwards. Many of them are very persistent and their actions take away from the atmosphere.

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