Back in mid 2010 I was contacted by a customer to build him a custom hard sided popup camper to be mounted as a replacement for the bed of his truck. After designing the camper the customer realized he wanted more room, so I redid the design to a 14 foot tow-able trailer. I started the project at the end of September and finished it with the customer helping right up to the end of October. This is an old project, though I thought some of you guys on here would like the build.

The Concept

The Result

Trailer plans are now available. Click here

Begin building! Material arrived. 2x4x0.125 tubing

Cutting out all the chassis tubes.

Beginning the layout

Starting the tongue

Marking receiver tube on front of tongue.

Cutting hole to pass receiver tube through.

Drilling hitch pin hole.

Double checking placement of tire and jack.

Max coupler fit check. Had to trim 1/2 inch off to keep grease fitting clear.

I setup a crude way of assembling the chassis on a table using thick c-channel.

While assembling I pulled some sacrificial wire to use a pull string for final wires.

I clamp everything down after laying all the tubing in the correct places.

After tacking the tubing in place I start on the outside sections

When the outside sections are tacked in place I start working on the stairwell.




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