HBDA-T2: Camper Body Construction 2

The door turned out to be tricky. Lots of weird angles.

A better shot of the lower rear section

On to the upper roof section. Following the same bending technique we form the outer roof supports and weld in place.

Supports and lower tubing welded on.

Cross bar and window tubing are welded on then set on the main body.

The other side is then built. Then both sides are connected together.

After all the major parts are welded we hook the trailer to the truck. We drive over to a flat part of the yard to see how it looks. Then take measurements to for the air bag setup for proper ride height.

The upper roof section is pulled off and set on the floor. Its skinning time.

We start at the rear. The end sections have to be pre-bent by hand to fit the curve. We attached the skin with 3M’s VHB tape. This was a very tedious process and no room for error. The VHB tape is super strong and once it touches, there’s no pulling it off. The VHB tape was used in place of rivets. Rivets would take a long time to install, plus are another place to leak.

The rest of the sheets were laid over each other. This made all the seams face rearward. So during movement water and dust will roll over the seams and keep going.

Inside view.

Rear kick-up skin was cut and bent.

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